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Angry Gran Run

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unnamedAngry Gran Run game is full of pleasure. It is about mad grandmother, who got in the dangerous city and wants your help to escape and stay alive. Your missions is to help granny achieve high score and run from this dangerous place.. I’m not telling that it’ll be simple run for the granny, but you should try.

The primary mission of this game as all other games of this category is running! Yeah, here is no infant, but old Granny who desire to escape from the wicked city has some super powers that you may use. The city is full of unusual things and creatures, so, you must give Gran directions and led her to the safe area. It’s so difficult to play this game, as it demands high attention to all details and all obstacles on the way of Angry Gran.At the beginning of the game you must play a small toturial to find out the game controls. For instance, to turn left and right, you should use X and Z arrow keys. If you need to jump, press the up arrow, if you need to flit simply click on down arrow. At the corner of the roads, you must browse by right and left arrow clicks.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while playing the Angry Gran Run is coins. You should get as many coins as possible. Have fun playing the Angry Gran Run game at our website.